Sunday, July 27, 2014

Business Model of the trending Food Truck

Our business model would like to personally thank the citizens of Midland Texas for your support. I'm sure by now you are all wondering why we are taking the time to write you. Our citizens have been supportive of the trending business model of the, "food truck". We are currently in the process of building the towns first food truck pavilion.  However, there are some obstacles that have occurred with the funds called T I R Z, or Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone. This program exist to help micro fund these types of projects. These funds are available to businesses that can construct and create a viable business model. A model that can create jobs and reinvest in the program through various regulations that must be adhered to.

Our local government has elected to terminate the program due to its lack of use.
Final voting on this issue is Tuesday "AUGUST 12TH 2014 10AM @ CITY HALL". These funds have been available for sometime and have helped fund reputable businesses like "Suzie's south 40" for infrastructure and incidental occurrences while building. Our local government is aware that  building in the downtown area has undetected issues that possibly could occur and these funds are allowed to help with those circumstances. Our business model is designed to be able to do just what a large percentage of citizens want to have happen, REVITALIZE DOWNTOWN. With a lot of young business professionals that are here/moving in to Midland, our business model needs these allocated funds to help kick start the process for our community. We feel these funds are essential to the start up cost for our business model. Our model has paid into the local/state government in various ways and has even been shut down by local government. With the obstacles that have hindered our business model in the past we need to have a voice. Our business model is wanting to give the consumer what they want, the ability to dine in a vibrant location with a variety of options in a safe and regulated  environment.

One of our local government cons is, that we should not have to give business models monies to invest in midland. This is so true in most cases for models on a big corporate level, but that is just like saying "Come build here and we'll just take your taxes while you increase the value of our city". This con has no value because if you give an incentive to build here then models will build. On the contrary if the model is local and has roots here then this incentive should be available especially when it will create jobs and more tax revenue for the city. Corporate business models in the past have received monies and bailed out on this program. These actions will always ruffle feathers in the community and in government. Our business model doesn't want that reputation. Our model is a project that is wanted, needed, and demanded by the public.

We are requesting from our public to help our business model take a stand and come out and support this project. With our business model the common question from patrons is, "Where can we find you all the time?" With the allowance of these funds, then we can create for this business model a central place for consumers to enjoy. The common con from the public is that this town has nothing to do! With this business model, it can create a solution for this con for the public. There are land owners that are willing to support this project, but our business model is dependent on local government assistance. Again, T I R Z!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Help us qualify for a $250,000 grant from Chase and LivingSocial. be sure to spell out browns bar b q

Thursday, November 25, 2010


we are currently supporting the midland high basketball program who are on a tough tournament here in georgetown tx. the boys will find themselves on a test to determine character and idenity.